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CRG Chimney Sweeps Ltd - Chimney Linings

Why fit a liner?

This is a question my customers frequently ask me and the easiest way I can explain it is like this:

Each fireplace in your properties has its own flue and chimney pot - they don’t all go into one flue, like some people think. They have to be separate or the fumes from a fire down stairs in your lounge could escape in to the flue of the fire, say in your bedroom and because that flue is cold the gases will sink and could be drawn into that room.

With a lot of older properties, the original lining breaks down with time causing a breach between flues, all solid fuels (coal, wood and smokeless coal) give off Carbon Monoxide ,so  you need to make sure all the gases from your fire are contained in the correct flue and exit your property correctly.

Wood Burners

Imagine a kettle boiling, when the steam is coming out of the spout, its moving very fast and away from the appliance, as it moves away it expands and turns into a cloud, as it hits a cooler surface it condensates turns back into a liquid and runs down the kitchen wall etc...

Okay, let’s imagine your stove is your kettle and the 5or 6 inch flue pipe is the spout; as the hot gases shoot up the pipe they enter a larger area above the register plate, as these expand, soot particles cool and fall back and build up forming a potential fire risk !!!
If you had a kettle with a spout that went straight out of the kitchen window you would not get a steamy and wet kitchen, likewise with a liner the soot dose not form above the register plate.
A liner also dramatically improves the efficiency of your burner; your stove can be up to 85% efficient where as your old fire place you have replaced it with was about 25%.

It’s like replacing your old Ford Escort with a Ferrari, and using the old exhaust system. It will work but you will never have the performance you dreamed of and the old exhaust will break down, needing replacing.

A lot of insurance companies now stipulate that wood burners be fitted with liners and a large number of manufacturers strongly recommend it.

Finally, I’m a Master Chimney Sweep, I have a wood burner and my chimney is lined !!

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