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CRG Chimney Sweeps Ltd - A Few Problems!
Some Problem Chimneys Experienced

Along the way CRG Chimney Sweeps and other NACS members have come across a very wide range of chimney issues.

Below are a number photos and the descitpions as to what they show.

Here you can see how much of a birds nest can acrue up an unswept Chimney

This is the same birds nest all bagged ready for disposal.

Brick Shute
This shows how a chimney has been used as a rubble shute by workers on the roof.

Brids Nest
Birds Nest up a chimney - you wouldn't want to light that one!!

Flue leak
This Picture shows a solid fuel liner that has had a chimney fire, the intense heat has discoloured the liner and compromised its integrity and ia allowing fumes/smoke to escape.

Gas Flue
In this picture the upstairs flat has knocked in to the downstairs' chimney and used it to run a gas liner to an appliance in their flat, this now makes the down stairs flat's chimney totally unusable.

Mantel Stain
This is a good example showing the stains left by fumes escaping from around the mantel piece, this could be the result of a blocked chimney. All chimneys should be swept and checked before fitting a new appliance.

Here you can see the underside of floorboards, the upstairs flat had extended their kitchen space by removing a chimney breast they had no use for. in doing so they had effectively capped off the downstairs working chimney.

Registerplate blocked
Here a Woodburner register plate has been installed directly under a lintel, this would seriously restrict the flow of gases emitted from the burner probably resulting in Carbon Monoxide being released back into the room.

A large mirror placed on top of the Mantelpiece had hidden the soot stains caused by escaping fumes from around the fire place, the escaping Carbon Monoxide could have been fatal to the house owner.

Bin Bag
This picture shows a bin bag full of newspapers pushed up the chimney to stop drafts, this bag has been sucked up the chimney causing it to become blocked.

This shows smoke escaping from behind the skirting board in the upstairs bedroom, the smoke is coming from a Breach (hole) in the downstairs living room chimney.

Brick Drop
Another case of bricks dropped by workmen on the roof blocking the chimney
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